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Ryan warren


Why are prada sunglasses so expensive?

Do you think prada sunglasses are worth the price. What makes them so expensive. What do you think of prada sunglasses.
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  • everybody_cares


    The reason why the prada sunglasses are high at the price can't leave with its big brand. However, this big brand really deserves the high price because of its fashionable design, excellent quality, comfortable wearing and so on. As one of the luxurious brand in sunglasses, the prada sunglasses will make you look different when wearing them.
  • Gabriella


    Actually, prada sunglasses are very popular in men and women. They are timeless and fashionable all the time. According to many users, they are one of the brands which can have a good balance between function and styles. So it will be a good choice for you to buy a pair of it even though they are expensive. To tell if your Prada sunglasses are real or fake, the first thing you can do is to check yours spells PRADA not PRADO. This is one common detail that buyers overlook. Also, you can go to the website to see if yours is a real one. In addition, PRADA won't compromise its name, it will surely products that are of quality.
  • Kachun


    As far as I am concerned, there are several factors to take into consideration why they are sold at such a high price. First and most important of all, they are luxuries, which means that their target customers have got a great deal of purchasing power. Secondly, they have to spend a lot of money on launching advertising campaign and inviting stars and celebrities you know? Then, their quality are really different from small brands, which is being pursued by some people.

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