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Danielle lewis


How to make my green eyes stand out without makeup?

I have green eyes and i am looking for good and natural ways to make my eyes stand out . Any suggestion?
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  • fergus


    If you want to make your green eyes stand out naturally, you may try to wear the colored contact lenses which may make your eyes look big and charming. And there are many colors for you to choose. You'd better choose the color in the same color series of green, like blue.
  • emmie18


    First of all, I think you are very lucky because you have the blue eyes. Then if you want to make them stand out, I think it will be easy for you. Except for the making-up, you can make it from other angles. For example, you can ask your clothing help you with it, because you know if you choose the right coat to put on, your green eyes will stand out as well. As far as I suggest, you can choose the sky blue, or some other light green color to have a try if your eyes are dark green, as well, if your eyes are light green then darker colors will help you with it. I know it just because I figure it out according to the color of eyelids. Hope my suggestion can help you.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    Wow, you know what, I really admire you for your special green eyes since they look so pretty with girls. So, you are looking for ways to beautify your eyes and more attractive right? So, contact lenses are ignored since they are not natural. Then, why not try some glasses frames which are large and colorful. Indeed, they are especially pretty and could make your eyes stand out! I mean, definitely make them appear far more stunning.