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How to tell if revo sunglasses are fake or real?

I plan to buy revo sunglasses. Any suggestion? Is there any tips to help me avoid fake revo sunglasses?
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  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    If the revo sunglasses are fake, you may have the feeling of discomfort when wearing or touching the surface of the sunglasses or observing the manual work of it on the basis of your sixth sense. However, you can judge it by checking the print mark of the brand to see whether it is smooth to be marked.
  • Jada oliver


    Well, to spot the real revo sunglasses, there are many tips you can learn from. As we know that Revo is a brand of sunglasses manufactured and marketed by the Luxottic Group. Nowadays, they are manufactured in Italy, so when you have get a pair of revo sunglasses, you can check the label which will be written with "made in Italy", if they are not written in those words, maybe they are fake ones. Also, you can take them to the sunglasses stores where there are many professional persons, they can give you right judgments.

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