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How to look attractive in prescription glasses for women?

How to look attractive in prescription glasses for women?
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  • clive


    To look attractive in prescription glasses for women, you shall makeup your eyes first so as to make your eyes pop while wearing glasses. So, you can line the top eyelid with liquid eyeliner. Then, curl your eyelashes is also help you show off the eyes. Besides, you shall also darken your eyebrows that is also crucial as glasses emphasize them. If you want to be more attractive, you can also rosy your cheeks and your lips so as to match your prescription glasses.
  • Paige williams


    To look attractive in your prescription glasses, first you should choose the right glasses style that look good on you. A pair of suitable glasses should match with your face shape, skin tone and hairstyle. If you are not sure what kind of glasses you should wear, just try different styles in your local store or online. Also your overall temperament is also important. So just be confident when you wear prescription glasses.

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