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Does acupuncture points work for watery eyes ?

Can i use acupuncture points to treat my watery eyes? Does it really work?
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  • Sara


    Watery eye is a common symptom of some condition, for example eye infection, allergies, a cold, tear duct blockage and eye dryness syndrome and etc. To treat the watery eyes, you need to know what caused it. Treatment to the underlying root can leading the ending of your watery eyes. The most common reason of watery eyes is eye dryness syndrome. It is very weird that dry eye is watery, but it is true. Eye dryness occurs for possible reason like eye strain, deficient tear production, too much tear evaporation and so on. I saw some relative researches and some people recommended acupuncture as treatment for watery eyes or eye dryness. I think it can work as effective treatment. Because the acupuncture, as traditional and ancient therapy, can promote the blood circulation and cause reaction through stimulate the nerves. In this way it could help with tear production and alleviate the strain. It works as treatment to various disease with very minor side effects.
  • smith


    Watery eyes are one typical type of seasonal allergies which inflict millions of people all over the world. It is true that acupuncture points can be applied to treat seasonal allergies such as watery eyes. For an awfully long period of time, acupuncture points have been effective to bolster and regulate human's immune system so that watery eyes can thus be released as seasonal allergies. Together with Chinese herbs, acupuncture points are highly praised to function well to offer people with watery eyes much-needed relief and positive treatment effect. So if you can be sure that your watery eyes are caused by seasonal environmental allergies, I am dare to tell that it will work well to apply acupuncture points.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    Yes, you could use the acupuncture points to treat your watery eyes which could be the reason of the eyes infection. It will make your eyes get released to some degree. You could also use the eye drops to get the eyes to be clear. In addition, you may use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.