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Can dry eyes cause eye infections?

Does dry eyes lead to eye infection? If so, how to treat dry eyes and eye infection? Any idea?
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  • Savannah percy


    Yes, dry eyes does lead to eye infection. Usually dry eye occurs because the eye does not produce enough tears or does not produce tears properly. Also, some eyelid problems, environmental factors, certain medications also can lead to dry eyes. While, if dry eyes has not been treated immediately, it can lead to eye infection, along with eye inflammation, pain, ulcers, or cornea infection. When your condition is quite serious, consulting your doctor is highly needed, eye infections can be treated by removing microorganisms in the eyes, as well as reducing eye infection. Good luck!
  • Danielle may


    The situation may be the other way round. The infection may lead to dry eye, but not the dry eyes lead to eye infection. Dry eye is the one of the symptom of eyes infection. As for the dry eye, there are two reasons that would lead to, one is eyes fatigue and the other is infection. The infection cause of dry eyes could be inflammation and immune system abnormal or lack of vitamin A. The dry eye is the common term of xerosis of conjunctiva. It's the eyes symptom of tear film's pathological change, thus the cornea and conjunctiva without normal moist and feel dry. The different reason needs different therapy methods in early time. You would try some eye drop and supply some vitamin A to diminish inflammation, or go to a doctor if this way is invalid. For the dry eye caused by eyes fatigue, please pay attention to relaxation and have a good rest. Eye drops of artificial tears will help you a lot in a short time. Doing massage by yourself every after two hours' eye use and watching far distance view from the windows. Vitamin B2, vitamin A and C will also help in a food way.
  • chocolate_cute


    Yes, dry eyes can lead to eye infection. The main symptom of dry eyes is the inadequate tears that lubricate the eye. When you get dry eyes, you will probably experience a lot of related complications which can also be called eye infections. Clinically eye infections related to dry eyes include eye pain, itchy eye, red eye, blurry vision and so forth. As for how to treat dry eye and eye infection, quite a few ways will work, I have to say. Artificial tear drops and punctual occlusion are the most quick and effective ways to treat dry eyes. Speaking of eye infection, apart from medical means there exist various effective home remedies. Rose water, cucumber slices, honey and olive oil are all admirable choices.