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Does fish oil help cataracts?

I have cataracts. Can i get help from fish oil?
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  • evil_lanruoj


    Yes, you could get help from fish oil when you have the cataracts which will make your eye balls not clear at the surface. The fish oil is all in fish oil material which is referred to body oil, liver oil and cerebrol fish oil. It is a by-product of fish meal processing. It is fish steam press and separation. The main ingredients of fish oil are triglycerides phosphorus glycerin ether lipid fat soluble vitamin and protein degradation such as content of Marine fish. The potassium, copper, aluminum and cadmium are lower than health allowable value. The pesticide residues are almost equal to zero. The fish oil is so rich in nutrition which will make your eyes skin or the whole skin become smooth. In addition, the fish oil will make your eyes feel bright at the sight. If you have the cataract, you should have the good rest for the eyes and take the medical care to treat them better.
  • Michael anderson


    Firstly, let us check the contents of the fish oil, and it contains vitamin A and D, DHA and calcium etc. They are all the advantages nutrients for the eyes nourishing. The cause of cataracts may be the illuminate of the sunshine and ultraviolet. From the effect of ultraviolet, the phosphor ions may combine with the calcium ions of aging crystalline lenses to form the insoluble calcium phosphate. Then the crystalline lenses will get calcification and hard. When the crystalline lenses' protein is getting denaturation, the cataract has been caused. The tough working condition, e.g. oxygen deficiency as well as high temperature will decrease the contents of sodium, potassium and vitamin C, will also cause the formation of cataracts. As a result of the above information, the fish oil may not have the function of remedy to cataracts basically, but it would be helpful for certain extents. You would also eat more vegetables as spinach, broccoli, and cabbage mustard which full of anti-oxygen lutein and zeaxanthin to protect your eyes from the damage of sunshine and prevent it from to get the cataracts.
  • Jordan smith


    A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which leads to a decrease in vision. Age is the most common cause. In addition, trauma, radiation and genetics are all causes of cataracts. Commonly, there is little useless to help with cataracts by home remedies include applying fish oil. The best way you can chose is surgery.