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Mohammad S.


Does curling your eyelashes make them fall out?

Is it possible to lead the eyelashes all fall out if you curling it?
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  • enriquejacob


    Curling the eyelashes are just like to curl the hair, if a person curling the hair often and do nothing to nourish it, what will happen? The curling eyelashes will only consist for one month only. The curling process will hurt the eyelash even the eyelash follicle; as the life span of eyelash is three month, if the follicle damaged, the next generation's eyelash will be affect with the root. However, for the beauty appearance, you can curl the eyelash, but after it you must apply some prothetic cream, pay attention to the care, it will be better for the growth of the eyelash. The eyelash will drop surely but not all fall out, do not scare yourself, just take care and never do it often. Nothing serious!
  • Paul Hathone


    Yes, it is possible for you to let the eyelashes fall out if you curl it. Many girls or women like to use the make up to curl the eyelashes which will look good. However it will stimulate the roots of the eyelashes which will cause them to fall out easily. You should not often curl them. If you have to curl them, you need not to use the great strength.
  • califractal


    There are many ways that your eyelashes will fall out. Poor quality cosmetics, blepharitis, pink eye and some other eye disorders. The eyelashes fall out when you curing it. Also, aging is one factor for eyelashes loss. In order to get thick and long eyelashes, you can apply some bio oil on eyelids. Lemon juice and honey work for eyelashes growing, too.

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