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How can I choose a good eye doctor?

Is there any guide to help me find a good eye doctor for the sake of my eye health?
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  • Ryan evelyn


    First of all, you shall determine if you need an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. The differences is that an ophthalmologist can do surgeries while an optometrist cannot. Then, you can check the eye doctor at American Optometric Association website. At that site, there is a list of qualified optometrists near you, It will be helpful to let you know who is an good eye doctor.
  • tuener


    Actually, there is a lot of places to choose where you can find good eye doctors. However, what you should care about is that what doctor you really need. Is he be able to cope with your problems responsibly? Or is he specialized in your specific problems? So, my advice is to take an eye exam and find out what has gone wrong.
  • walkingwolf2004


    In my opinion, to choose a good eye doctor based on two basic concepts or condition. Do you just have myopic eye and you only need the optometrist to check your vision and give you the right Rx glasses? Or you affected some eye diseases and are in urgent want of an ophthalmologist to cure your eyes? Besides, with the development of the society and information, I think you can surf the Internet to check which hospital is good and find the telephone number. Call the doctor's office and ask the details about your condition including the basic eye exam (Both check the eye health and the vision) and then make your own decision. Besides, you can ask all your families, relatives, friends, classmates and colleagues to get a right doctor. Of course, these persons you consult should be better to have received or at least known any medical training. Last, check whether the hospital or doctors you will visit ask for the money like health insurance. If this phenomenon is appeared, don’t go. That may be a liar institution. And of course do have no good eye doctor! All in all, what need us pay attention to is how the doctor can do with us, whether he can cure our diseases and what efficiency we can get and satisfy ourselves.