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Hunter jackson


Can eye infection cause swollen lymph nodes?

I just heard somebody talked about eye infection and swollen lymph nodes. And i once suffered eye infection. So, i worry about it. Can eye infection cause swollen lymph nodes?
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  • Kevin lee


    Lymph nodes are components of lymphatic system, which is a part of immune system. Usually swollen lymph nodes indicate some infection. Lymph nodes are located in many parts of human body, many of which are in neck, armpit and groin. Usually they are small, bean-shaped and soft nodules tissue. Many conditions might cause lymph nodes enlarged, infections, inflammations, virus, cancer and cancer of blood. Infections will increase the white blood cells as response to the allergen. White blood cells could help fight infections. Don't be scared to see any word of cancer. Normally speaking, lymph nodes are not a big deal. I once got these nodes behind my ear. I was scared. When I visited my doctor, he told me it was not a big deal. He even didn't prescribe any medicine to me. Small infection caused lymph nodes enlarged. When infections are gone, these swellings are gone with them. So don't worry too much about your once eye infection.
  • colourmevintage


    Yes, the eye infection may cause the swollen lymph nodes. As we know, the eye infection may be caused by the coming bacterium. If the eye infection is not treated well, it could cause other eyes problems. The eyes infection may cause the stimulation at the eyes other parts like the nerves. The swollen lymph nodes will be caused easily. You should better take the medicine to treat them.
  • Linda


    Well, yes eye infection can affect swollen lymph nodes. According to some experts, infections are the most common cause of swollen lymph nodes. You should know that eye infections can cause Abscessed or impacted tooth,Ear infection Colds, flu, and other infections, Gingivitis too. For the treatment, there is no specific treatment for swollen lymph nodes. Generally, the underlying cause needs to be treated, which may result in the resolution of the swollen lymph node. So you should treat eye infection first. For example, you should avoid your eyes be infected by some virus. By the way, treating an infection causing the swollen lymph node, for example, will result in the lymph node swelling to subside.

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