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Is salt water good for pink eye?

I heard somebody saying that salt water can help people with pink eyes. Is that true? How ?
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  • crush_star


    Well, it seems that you want to help with your eye problem by salty water. They are just called normal saline, which is used to take care of eye problems and relieve some feelings. However, you cannot rely on it to fix your pink eyes, you still need to get some antibiotic eye drops from the hospital and examine your eyes regularly. Just try to consult a doctor and pay attention to what you eat and your sleep.
  • Joshua?hall


    Yes, the suitable amount of saline water will help your pink eyes because it can get rid of your bacterium in the eyes. You could find the good result. At the same time, you pink eyes should take the medical treatment which could make the recovery go on in the quick time. If you have the pink eyes, you could try this way to help you release the symptom.
  • carolmck


    It is true that salt water is very good for pink eyes. As to pink eyes, it is called conjunctivitis in medical term. There are three types of conjunctivitis based on three different triggers, bacteria, virus and allergies. The common symptoms of conjunctivitis include redness, increased sensitivity to light, secretion and grittiness and so on. Allergic conjunctivitis don't last long, as long as you are away from allergen, it could heal up very soon. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis last longer. With saline solution, which is disinfectant, we can wash eyes thoroughly, which can make you feel much better. It washed secretion out of eyes, and the crust formed around eyes. It could help clear up the infections quickly. Using an eye cup filled with saline water to wash eyes or applying some drops into eyes both are helpful. Besides of saline solution, you can use breast milk in the same way for little babies. This is recommended by many nurses, who told me it is much better than antibiotics medication.

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