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Arianna walker


Can bad eyesight cause tinnitus?

I got very bad eyesight and always wear a pair of thick eyeglasses. I just wonder if it further lead to tinnitus. I know this idea is crazy. But I just want to know. Can anyone explain it to me why or why not?
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  • Alexa murphy


    If your prescription of the lenses get higher, it will be possible for you to get the tinnitus because of the interlinked nerves between the eyes and the ears. If you have this situation, you'd better go to see the doctor and accept the treatment as soon as possible. Or else, your disease may be delayed which may affect your whole body health.
  • evelyn12


    Tinnitus is a very annoying situation that many of us once experienced. It is believed to be produced by ear or brain, a ringing, whistling or swishing kind of noise. According to some reliable resources, about 12% people between 65 and 74 years old are affected by tinnitus. In most mild cases, tinnitus doesn't require a treatment and it might go away. It can happen in any part of hearing system, the outer ear, the middle ear, they inner ear and the brain. It seems that there is no direct connection between eyesight and tinnitus. The most direct trigger to tinnitus is cochlea impaired, as we aging, or trauma on ear. The popular theory goes like that because the cochlea sends wrong signals to brain, which makes the brain confused and start to make its own noise to make up for the lack of sound signals. It might develop worse for too much wax in ear, ear infections and exposure to very loud noise. I have tinnitus. Sometimes I am not aware of it. Yet sometimes it is very obvious and annoying. But in most cases, it doesn't require any treatment, unless you got trauma in ear or ear infections. Don't worry too much. Talking to your doctor could help.
  • emily_109


    Well, generally speaking, bad eyesight can not lead to tinnitus. So you should not worry about it. tinnitus usually starts with some injury to the ear--either a noise trauma, a blow to the head, or some disease-induced injury. According to some researches, some of the causes of tinnitus can be very serious. So you should try some medical cares to treat it.

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