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What are Advantages of High Index Lens Glasses?

What are Advantages of High Index Lens Glasses?
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  • Nadine


    High index lenses glasses are made for people with strong prescription. To eyeglasses lenses with the same prescription, the higher the index lenses, the thinner and the lighter the prescription lenses. I think this maybe the best advantages compared common lenses. So, even if you have strong prescription, you still expected to get lighter and thinner eyeglasses lenses with high index lenses.
  • cattatra


    High index lens glasses are especially suitable for those who have a strong eyeglass prescription for myopia, hyperopia or stigmatism. The stronger the prescription, the thicker the edges. High index lens glasses have an advantage over their thinner, lighter lenses. Besides, they are very comfortable and lightweight, making wearers feel comfortable. There is a wide variety of thin, light high-index lens glassless whose designs and features are nearly as many as other kind of glasses'. As for the material or added advantages, it is widely recommended that an anti-reflective lens coating should apply to high-index lenses because some experts said that eyeglass lenses with anti-reflective coatings provide sharper night vision, especially good for night drivers.