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Sunlight falls on a pair of reading glasses and a pair of dark glasses. Which pair would become warmer? Defend your answer

I want to know which one would become warmer if they are both exposed to sunlight, the dark glasses or reading glasses? Has anyone tried this?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Sunglasses are designed to block UV ray and the reading glasses have nothing to block the heat from the sun ,so the light can pass through the reading glasses.Therefore,reading glasses are warmer than the dark glasses.
  • ccrazybeautyful


    You can try an experiment by yourself. Take both your sunglasses and reading glasses outside and put them under the sunlight for a while. Then you can compare the two glasses to determine which one is warmer.
  • cocky_bitch


    Though I haven't tried that, I can guess that the dark glasses will be warmer than the reading glasses. Dark color can absorb more heat than light color. But I think the warm of the glasses will not damage our eyes when we are playing in the outside if we wear a pair of dark sunglasses. In summer, it is safer to wear a pair of dark sunglasses than wear reading glasses or expose our bare eyes to the sunlight.
  • carter


    The dark sunglasses will become warmer because the darker color can absorb the light and heat than reflect the light. But the transparent lenses of reading glasses will absorb less light and heat. You can put them in the sunlight for 15 minutes. Maybe both of them will be very hot in the end.
  • Jordan owen


    I have done an experiment before. I put a pair of black sunglasses and a pair of reading glasses under a 100 W incandescent bulb. And I found that the black sunglasses were much warmer than the reading glasses. But when I used the reading glasses to observe the bulb, I could hardly open my eyes. Then, I tried on the black sunglasses I found that I could see the bulb directly for a few seconds.
  • green


    Well, I think it depends. If the frame of the reading glasses is made of material and the frame of black sunglasses is made of plastics, then the frame of the reading glasses will be warmer than the plastic frame of the dark sunglasses. But as to the lenses, I think black lenses of the sunglasses will absorb more heat than the transparent lenses of reading glasses. Oh, gosh I should have paid more attention in science class. Knowledge is power. Hope I get the right answer.
  • ezycome_ezygo


    Oh, it sounds like a physics problems. I am not good at physics. But I think reading glasses can refocus the light and make a single point hotter, our eyes will get more light in at the same time, this may cause blurry vision if we look at the sun directly through a pair of reading glasses. The black sunglasses can block out the harmful UV rays and protect our eyes though the lenses are much warmer. Sunglasses can reduce the damage to our eyes.

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