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Is there a big difference in how sharp things look when wearing glass glasses or plastic glasses?

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  • 04/13/2012

    There's no difference at all. Whether you wear glass glasses or plastic glasses,the things will look exactly the same. Things look sharper because of the shape of the lens ,not because of the material of the lense(glass or plastic).The advantage of plastic is that it's lighter than glass,but its disadvantage is that it's easier to scratch,even though a protective coating can be applied which helps a lot.
  • walks_alone_


    No. Both glass and plastic glasses will make the things look the same. The only difference between the glass and plastic glasses is that plastic glasses are lighter than glass glasses. However, plastic glasses are easier to get scratched, compared to glass glasses. So people would apply a protective coating to the lenses to prevent them getting scratched.
  • Barbara Mellon


    I think there isn't big difference in how sharp things will be. But different material has different advantages and disadvantages. You can choose what you like. I often choose plastic glasses because I think glass glasses will be broken into pieces and cause damage to our eyes.


    The things will look exactly the same with plastic glasses and glass glasses. There is no difference. I think how sharp things look may lie in the degrees of your glasses other than the materials of the glasses. If the glasses are of good shape, the lens can change the way that light is focused in your eyes, so you can see things clearly. But both plastic glasses and glass glasses can have good shape, so both of them can provide you with clear vision.

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