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What glasses lenses to choose for extreme myopia?

I have severe myopia. I'm selecting eyeglasses lenses that will look nice. You know, thick lenses will let other know I have strong myopia. I don't want them get to know that.
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  • jimjames


    Don't worry, there are high index lenses like 1.67 or 1.74 index lenses that applied to strong myopia. If you have extreme strong myopia, you can choose such high index lenses, Besides, small full framed eyeglasses frames are recommended to cover your thick lenses. From this point, thick full frames are suggested to your for good looks of your strong myopia glasses.
  • Caleb


    The lenses for extreme myopia are usually very thick in the periphery, the following lenses can reduce the thickness: first, select the lenses which made by high refractive index materials, the refractive power of this lens is stronger than ordinary lens, it can be made thinner. Second, select aspherical lens, this lens can decrease central thickness, and also reduce weight. Third, select plastic lens, plastic lenses are better for most patients, because the weight of the plastic lens is only half of the glass lens, it is not easy to broken.
  • Nicholas carter


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