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Does acupuncture points work for double vision?

I suffered double vision and i don't know why. And my mom told that acupuncture points can help me. Does it really work?
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  • Benjamin gary


    Double vision is commonly due to nerves and blood circles have some problems. People will suffer double vision after drinking excessiveness alcohol. Acupuncture can help you indeed, but you'd prepare for a long time to heal your condition. The traditional Chinese doctor will use distinct needles (has been cleaned up) to stab some points in your body to help reduce blood pressure and make chi go on a normal road. Also, acupuncture helps with nerves relaxation. Then the signals of images can be given and reach iris successfully, thus your eyes will get them in proper time and reflect images in time. But acupuncture is so hard because it was almost disappeared in Chinese Civil Culture Activity. Now, even in China skilled traditional Chinese doctors are rarely. So if you really get double vision, you also can go to see a doctor to decide the modern medical treatment option. And then you can visit a traditional Chinese doctor to enhance your conditions through acupuncture.
  • elstrider


    As to double vision, it is called diplopia in another word. Whether acupuncture can treat double vision or not, my answer is yes. So far, acupuncture is a popular therapy in western world, actually it is an ancient Chinese therapy. In this medication, people believe that energy travels through every part of human body, which is called Chi in Chinese. If its travelling way is blocked somewhere, then people would get illness for the blockage. Acupuncture works with long, thin silver needle to insert into certain points to open the blockage and cure the illness. In this theory, acupuncture could be used as treatment for various disease. And in fact, it is indeed recommended to treat double vision according to many reports. Causes of double vision include problems of cornea, lens, muscles, nervous system and brain. Acupuncture can promote the blood circulation to eyes, so that cells of eyes can get better nourishment. Meanwhile it can also adjust the balance of muscles. Through stimulation to different points, it could also help with disorder of nerve and brain. I think you should go to hospital to check what caused your double vision and consult with your doctor about acupuncture therapy.


    Double vision is diplopia in another word, referring to two images formed from the same object. Corneal infections, dryness and corneal scar can distort the light and cause double vision. As to these problems above, it is usually to take a surgery to solve the problem absolutely. However, acupuncture is a very better and safer way to treat than surgery in general. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy, with a long and thin silver needle pointed into acupuncture points on body. It is believed to break the blockage on human body and so promotes the blood circulation all over body. It provides a very good effect on muscles, nerves and brain disorder or imbalance. According to some researches, acupuncture can be good for many eye diseases, including double vision. So you can just have a try.

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