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Why do the miners have to wear sunglasses?

It seems all miners like to wear sunglasses. Why? Can sunglasses protect their eyes when they work?
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  • James taylor


    Yes, of course. The sunglasses could help protect their eyes in various ways. The working circumstances of miners is very dim and dark. So you can find that they always wear a helmet with a very bright lamp fixed on it. Such strong light in a dark hole would become glare which impairs the vision. Wearing sunglasses would effectively help reduce the impact of glare to ensure a clear vision of each miner. Meanwhile we know that miners need to dig in underground to cut coal. There is heavy bug dust in the hole from cutting the rock and coal. If they don't wear sunglasses, the heavy bug dust might make them unable to open their eyes. If it is possible I think they should wear respirator or mask to help filter the bug dust in air.
  • walkietalkie1


    They wear sunglasses to protect their retinas from the UV light. Thigh at night the bright spot lights could damage their eyes from being in the dark so long. Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light, but longer than X-rays. But the UV light are not all harmful to our body. We can benefit from absorbing certain UV light because UV light can produce vitamin d and aesthetics. UV light also has its medical applications. However, excessiveness UV light is easy to cause skin cancer. And the deepest effect on body is to damage eye sight and eye nerves. UV light is absorbed by molecules known as chromophores, which are present in the eye cells and tissues, which can lead to welder’s flash, cataracts, pterygium and pinguecula formation. Miners always stay in dark and deep places in a long time, if they don't wear special eyeglasses, they'll be blind soon and catch some other eye problems.