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Do eyelashes grow back if pulled out?

Is it bad If i pull out my eyelashes? Do my eyelashes grow back if i do it?
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  • Jade


    First of all, I see no reason to pull out all the eyelashes. From appearance, eyelashes just make eyes more attractive and beautiful. Functionally, eyelashes would help protect eyes from dusts and bugs just like the forest. I really don't know why you would pull them out. Eyelashes are just like hair. The new one grow out and the old ones fall out, which is normal metabolism. If you really pull them out, they can grow again. But during this period, there are no lashes to prevent dusts and bugs entering into your eyes, which is not so comfortable and your eyes might be irritated or infected. If I were you, I would never do this kind of things. I prefer thicker and longer eyelashes.
  • handsomestudgw


    It is said that eyelashes will grow thicker and thicker during falling out. Due to metabolism, which can give a strong recircle of growing before forties? After that age, eyelashes will be thin and gray day by day. The sample and fastest way is to apply false eyelashes. You can own curl, thick and black eyelashes easy. Make-up is also a good way that can give you thick and long eyelashes. Well, a long time journey can help with eyelashes growing-ginger. Ginger is full of magic in that it's not only help with cold, but also help with hair growing. You just need wash your eyes carefully in order to prevent ginger from entering your eyes. Ginger can stimulate all hair growing. If you want to have long and black hair, ginger may do you a favor. Plus, put ginger into water and cook for 5 minutes, and then wait for becoming warm, next pull some water into them. The effect will be prominent.

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