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Bob Witek


Does apple pectin help eye floaters?

I heard that apple pectin can help people with eye floaters. Really? How can apple pectin help eyes?
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  • Cameron smith


    Floaters are deposits of various size, shape, consistency, refractive index, and motility within the eye's vitreous humor, which is normally transparent. When you stare something bright, they can be seen easily. You may feel that there are some spots and blacks that on objects. Eye injury, diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment are most common causes of eye floaters. If you only have a few eye floaters which exist all the time, apple pectin may help and that does not indicate there are something with your eyes. However, if there are many black or gray dots don't change in a long time, or pain with eye floaters, or experience flashes of light or any vision loss accompanied by eye floaters, then it's time to visit your doctor and take a thorough eye examination to determine the causes of your condition and the treatment options. By the way, eye floaters will really cause vision loss, so do not take any medical treatment without a right prescription.
  • Alexandria taylor


    No, it is not true. Apple pectin can't help diminish or eliminate any eye floaters. Eye floaters refer to the grey or black spots moving in the vision, especially when looking at, like blue sky or blackboard. In some cases, the floaters appear periodically, while in some cases these floaters tend to linger all the time. It is caused by vitreous clump formed for vitreous shrinking as aging. Another possibility is that as the vitreous in eyes shrink, it pulls away from retina and tear the tissue. In most cases, doctor would not recommend any treatment but teach patients to ignore these floaters. If it comes to severe stage, doctor would recommend vitrectomy, which is a surgery to replace vitreous with saline water. Pectin is a kind of solube fiber found in cells of apples or other fruits or plants. It works in weight loss and intestinal function, but it can't help with eye floaters.