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Arianna griffin


How much are nerd glasses at walmart?

Someone suggested me to buy black nerd glasses because nerd glasses are very hot this year. How much do nerd glasses cost at walmart?
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  • John Rodriguez


    According to some customers who bought a nerd glasses at walmart, the cost to buy a nerd glasses at wlamart may be 5$-25$, and the prices varies with types. And there you have many types of frame to choose. And there are many ways you can get a nerd glasses: 1., there you can find many choices, and the prices of nerd glasses at varies from 3$ to 7$. 2. Hot Topic, there are three styles of nerd glasses for under 10$. 3. Metropark, from this website, you can find some nerdy style sunglasses being dawned and those nerdy style glasses are more useable than the ones found on the two websites above. The price varies from 10$ to 16$.
  • Logan


    The cost of a pair of nerd glasses depend on what frames, lenses and lens coating you choose. My friend have told me that she just cost $40 without choosing lenses coating or tint etc. So, it is affordable to buy nerd glasses at walmart. You can go their shop and ask their seller. Good luck.
  • cupidityx


    Yes indeed, nerd eyeglasses,especially large size ones are pretty popular recently, however, you should take account of your personal style. To be honest, you can easily find loads and loads of nerd glasses of different colors and sizes at Walmart vision center, or on some big e-commerce websites, such as Ebay, etc. And at walmart, a pair of them will cost you about 100 dollars at most.

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