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Isabelle garcia


What are the benefits of having blue eyes?

Are blue eyes better than other colors of eyes? What are the benefits of blue eyes?
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  • emkat_rodd


    Different people have different ideas. As for me ,blue eyes are better than other colors of eyes.The benefits of blu eyes are listed below. Firstly, blue eyes draw and reflect light, light colored eyes are able to see better than other colors of eyes. Secondly, you don't people have blue eyes look more attractive and handsome than people having other colors of eyes. That's because blue eyes make people fresh. Besides, there are many other benefits of blue eyes. I wished i had blue eyes like you!
  • walgru


    Blue eyes is the sign of beauty, when we talk about pretty girls, we may remains the blue eyes and golden hair. Some people want change their eyes color to blue to make it looks more vivid. But for the function, there is no difference between blue eyes and other colors of eyes at all. But blue eyes are really more welcome than other colors of eyes, that is really true.

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