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Where are wiley x sunglasses made?

Do you know? Can you tell me where i can find wiley x sunglasses?
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  • Angela green


    Wiley X Eyewear is a company that produces a variety of sunglasses, eyeglasses and goggles. Most of its products are specially designed for outdoor use, such as hunting, fishing and racing. As a result, Wiley X sunglasses have polarized lenses which are designed to reduce glare. Cleaning Wiley X polarized sunglasses must be done with care, as many soaps and cleaning products will discolor polarized lenses permanently. In order to secure a pair of them, you might as well visit their website to buy through mail order. Or you could also buy them on Ebay and Amazon,etc.
  • aaron


    The wiley x sunglasses are made in South Africa. If you want to buy one, you just go to the online store to have a search and buy one. The price there will be suitable and the quality is good as those in the real stores. In addition, you could also go to the to see the designs of wiley x sunglasses.