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Can psoriasis affect your eyes?

I feel so bad to suffer psoriasis. Is this very serious diseases? Will it affect my eyes?
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  • Brittany dale


    Psoriasis won't affect your vision directly. But if you are suffering from psoriasis, you should take care in several aspects that may impair your eyesight indirectly. 1.If you don't treat psoriasis carefully, it may harm your kidney. The damage of kidney may trigger eyesight recession. 2. Don't abuse improper drug. Drug abuse may cause your eyesight to decline.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Psoriasis is a serious disease and many people don't know the fact that it will affect their eyes to some extent. A doctor has ever told me that the skin of eyelid also will appear the skin lesions of psoriasis and microvascular conjunctiva bending deformity which cause dry eyes and eyes burning even worsen. It may cause inflammation of the retina.You can't distinguish things if you got it.So my suggestion is to receive a timely treatment.
  • creepozoid


    Well, yes, psoriasis can just affect eyes. First, you should know that psoriasis is more than just a skin disease, and we can say that it can be serious in some degree. And according to some researches, it can cause joint damage, known as psoriatic arthritis, and it can also affect your eyes. In some cases, it can lead to serious eye problems, ending up with vision loss. Also, flare-ups near the eyes may occur, and that can be especially painful and hard to treat. By the way, scales and dryness may cause the edges of the eyelids to curve up or down, which may produce drying of the cornea or allow the eyelashes to scrape the cornea of the eye. Anyway, it can be dangerous.