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How to prevent dry eyes in the morning

My eyes feel dry in the morning. Why? What can i do to prevent it?
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  • James


    Generally speaking, several causes can lead to dry eyes. First, dry eyes might be a side effect of many medications. Second, if you live in a dry, dusty or windy climate, you tend to get dry eyes in a large possibility. Another cause is insufficient blinking, such as when you're watching a computer screen all day. In order to prevent dry eyes in the morning, we should avoid medicines like antihistamines, certain blood pressure medicines. Don't work for a long time on the computer. Drink more water and reduce outside activity.
  • Marissa edward


    Do your eyes usually feel dry in the morning? If you don' t mind, may I know some of your habits? Do you smoke or drink often? Do you have enough supplements every day? Or do you usually sit in front of the computer? Those are the common factors that can lead to dry eyes. However, I have some home remedies for you. First of all, you should drink plenty of water every day. This is basic and important. In choosing meat for your meals, I strongly recommend you to choose fish. Fish meat is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. They are very good for releasing your dry eyes. By the way, I also heard that flaxseed oil is good for eyes, too. It can prevent dryness in the eyes. Hope this worked.
  • castro_jan


    It may be caused by the dry weather or tiredness. I have a good advice for your problem which was advanced by a traditional Chinesse pysician who was very famous for health preserving. He provided with a method that feels good according to myself and my dad'experiences. Let me introduce it to you: first of all, every night before you sleeping, you need to find two little cups (the mouth of which can only cover your eyes). You'd better remember to have a bowl of boilled water. When it is morning, you pure the cooled boilled water into the two little cups, and just cover your eyes over the mouth of cups and don not let the water out, then, try to open your eyes and blink your eyes several times in the water. Change the water and repeat the action until you have run off the bowl of water. Besides, go to bed earlier and do some sports may help.
  • cahekm_12b


    Well, generally speaking, there are many people who get dry eyes when they get up in the morning. For dry eyes, it occurs, when your eyes do not make enough tears to coat the eye. And you should know that there are many reasons which can cause the dry eye. For example, when you work too hard and have no rest, you may suffer dry eyes. In this situation, you may have both of the eyes become dry eyes. In some cases, your eye will become watery. And in my opinion, this can be the reason of your situation. So just have a good sleep, or it will just affect your eyes, leading to dry eyes. Also, vitamin a deficiency can be another factors, so just be careful about it.

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