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Are round mens glasses fashionable now?

When I see these round mens glasses; they make me think of what people wear in the 40s and 50s the last century. Are they fashionable now?
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  • Nicholas carter


    Yes, Men's round glasses is still in style. But not all men can hold this vintage style glasses. Though round glasses are not fresh items and have spread out many years. But they are the most classic style and experienced by many great people including politician and musician, So, they never out of date. And there are always some people wear the glasses for a unique temperament. If the glasses flatter you, it will be a good choices to make you distinct from others.
  • handy82


    Yes. Round mens glasses are one of classic eyeglasses that come to fashion now. I think this style of eyeglasses will never go out of date. Many men prefer wearing round mens glasses because they add a sense of chic to their appearance. Most men with round mens glasses look cool and attractive. If you love the style of this kind of glasses, you can go to any store to try them on and see whether they look good on you.