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Which one goes first, contact lenses and eye makeup?

I am nearsighted. And i want to make up my eyes. So, which one goes first, should i wear contact lenses first, then, make up my eyes? Or i make up my eyes first and then wear contact lenses?
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  • entivore


    If you want to make up your eyes and wear contact lenses, you shall wear contact lenses first before you use eyeliners, mascara and shadows etc. After wearing contact lenses, you will have clear vision for making up your eyes. But if you make up first, your contact lenses may likely touch your eyelash or eyelids when you put the contacts in. And this will bring some bacterium into your eyes, leading infection. So, wear contact lenses first.
  • Gabriella rupert


    You should wear the contact lenses first, then do the eye makeup which is opposite with the procedure of cleansing. If you do the makeup of eyes first, you may ruin your makeup when wearing the contact lenses, such as touching the long eyelashes or eye shadow. However, based on the right order, you can see your face clearly after wearing the contact lenses which may help you do the makeup better.
  • Kristin


    Generally speaking, you should wear your contact first, and then you can have makeup. Because only in this way will it not make your eyes infected easily. As we know that, the materials which are used to makeup are made of chemical objects. If your eyes are touched by them, they will do harm to your eyes. So just be careful when you have makeup avoiding leaving some dirty thing in your eyes. if you have made some mistakes, I think you should wash your eyes first and go to see a doctor as soon so possible.
  • Jason lester


    I always put on my contact lenses before makeup, because this will prevent oily makeup residue or water from getting on my contact. Then, you can see better if you makeup with your contact lenses so that you can have a perfect makeup. Hope this will help you.
  • Lora Stonden


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