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Are reading glasses really necessary while reading?

My father always wears reading glasses when he read books. But he seldom wear eyeglasses when he goes out. I just wonder are reading glasses really necessary while reading?
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  • Marc


    There are two sides of eye problems: myopia and farsightedness. With age growing, most old men will get the farsightedness which means that they need to entail strenuous effort on seeing the near things. However, they can see clearly at the far things. That is the function of reading glasses for most old men when reading or seeing near things.
  • castro_jan


    Reading glasses are a class of optical products, for eyes presbyopia used, and belongs to a convex lens. Reading glasses for the elderly vision added, they are the same to myopia as many national standards for optical indicators. Reading glasses are in order to meet the needs of eye presbyopia crowd. Presbyopia is a normal physiological phenomenon, not the eye disease. However, reading glasses should not be wearing for a long time. Inappropriate to wear reading glasses for a long time, not only will bring a lot of inconvenience, but also accelerate the process of the eye presbyopia. In a sense, it is necessary to wear reading glasses.
  • cherrytop7


    Of course, it's necessary to wear a pair of reading glasses when someone has reading, especially for the people who have been getting older. As we know that when someone get older, they often have to get the eye problem which is called farsightedness. So by wearing reading glasses, they can effectively make an image at near appear larger. By dong this, they help your eye relax so it is not straining while viewing small close stuff, like a magazine, a computer screen, or that portfolio of papers. So, you should pay more attention to this problem, so that one day you can also buy one for your parents.
  • WIND


    Yes it%u2019s necessary. When you notice yourself starting to hold a book more than 10 to 12 inches away from your face,it%u2019s a clear sign you need reading glasses in order to focus on up-close material. When your arms seem to be too short for your eyes,it%u2019s time to purchase a pair of readers.