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Anthony gary


Is rose water any good for eye health?

I know that rose water is good for your health in some say. But i wonder if rose water are good to my eyes health? And how?
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  • warren


    Yes, rosewater can benefit our eyes. Rose water can be used to help eye irritation. For people with eye irritation, they can use rose water in following ways to help their eyes. Take 1 ounce of distilled or purified water and mixed it with 5 drops of pure rose water. Then, use a dropper or an eye cup. But you must make sure that the water is neither too cold nor too hot.
  • Striker


    Well, rose water could do a lot of good to your health as well as your eyes. It could simply make your eye skin more soft and moist, and perhaps it could make your eyes less tired, serving to relieve your eye strain. Just try to apply rose water around your eyes but do not let it in your eyes. As to eye health, you could resort to some vitamins.