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How to treat ptosis without surgery?

I got ptosis. I know it can be corrected by surgery. But I don't want to take surgery. Are there other ways help me? Then, How?
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  • chemicalumnesnt


    As far as i could know, surgery is the best way to treat ptosis, improve vision as well as cosmetic appearance. Besides, you may try some ptosis crutches, but i don't think they can help you with ptosis successfully. So, you'd better take surgery. Of course, before surgery, you shall take an eye examination so as to make sure surgery are available for you.
  • epyon_rebirth


    Ptosis is usually referred to the blepharoptosis, for the performance of the part or all upper eyelid. It can not raise the eyelid lower edge which covers cornea edge too much. The palpebral fissure appears more normal palpebral fissure to be small. It is known that the ptosis can be treated and corrected well through the surgery. If you want to treat well not through the surgery, you could do in other ways. You could keep on using the oil essential which could be absorbed by the skin. Then the skin around the eyes will be smooth and tight which could reduce the symptom of the ptosis. You could choose the good type of the oil essential and try on using this way. It could be effective and safe. You'd better choose the brand one with oil essential which could promise the quality.