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Catherine williams


What site to go for the best basketball goggles?

I like playing basketball very much, but i have poor vision. So, i plan to buy a pair of basketball goggles? Will you recommend me some sites that sell good basketball goggles?
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  • campbell


    If you have poor vision, you may need prescription basketball goggles. For some good sites selling prescription basketball goggles, you can visit to have a look. I used to get a pair of cycling goggles , both mountain & road. I love them, they are perfect, the only thing I am going to do is buy some foam pads for the nose piece.
  • carolynx66


    Basketball goggles can protect suffering many of t your eyes from many possible eye injuries when you play basketball. To make sure that every player can fit them easily, they are designed to be comfortable and come with removable pads. It is important for you to select basketball goggles with good-quality lenses, right lens color and durable frame. You may click the following website to have a look: There are various styles and colors of basketball goggles to choose. Do remember that the most fitting is the best.
  • consilium_capit


    Protecting your eyes is very important when you join some ultimate sports, and basketball goggles can reduce the chances of injuring largely. So, if want to buy a pair of basketball goggles, the flowing two sites are both OK. Personally, as you are nearsighted, I think you can fill your self of a normal pair of glasses suitable for sports. The glasses should have frame as the screws of glasses without frame are easy to become flexible and this can make you suffer from injury. And the best frame should be titanium alloy with good formability, and it is better with wide frame. Second, the lenses should be hard resin lens. Hope this will help you!

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