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What are home remedies for burning dry eyes?

My eyes are burning and dry. Are there any home remedies for burning dry eyes?
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  • christy9589


    There are several home remedies that you can try in order to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling of dry and burning eyes. Firstly, place a warm washcloth over your eyelids for ten minutes a few times a day, which will help open the clogged oil glands of the eyelids. Then try purchasing artificial tears, a saline mixture that can be used several times a day and mimics real tears, providing soothing relief. Use only commercial, preservative-free products, as preservatives can damage your eye. Make sure to keep heating and cooling vents pointed away from your eyes. While it may provide temporary relief, it isn't helping your eyes at all. Wear eye-protecting wraparound sunglasses or goggles when outside, since the wind combined with the sunlight can cause your dry eyes to become even more sensitive. Get a humidifier for any rooms you are frequently in; keeping the room moisturized helps to keep your eyes moisturized as well. Keep hair dryers as far away from your eyes as possible and stay away from any type of smoke, including cigarette smoke.
  • Ari


    Firstly, you can do some eye excises to relieve your eye muscle when you are at home. Second, please try to decrease the time of reading book or watch TV. It's good for your eyes to have enough time rest. Thirdly, you can use some anti-fatigue eye drops which you can buy in pharmacy. Finally, you should keep balanced diet for intake of necessary nutrients. Or you can choose eat some vitamin like vitamin A and E.
  • Angela green


    Here are some situations and the solutions I can think of, maybe kind of helpful to you. Firstly, if something get into your eyes, like chili sauce, use a wild baby shampoo to wash the eyelids carefully and massage the lower eyelids area, wash your face with clean water thoroughly to remove the shampoo, but make sure your finger as well as hands mast be clean, you know in case of the bacterial infection. Secondly, if your burning dry eyes are caused by a dry environment, why not running a humidifier in your bedroom or workplace? When filled with water, a humidifier releases water into the air, which can create a moist environment for you. And wear sunglasses to reduce the exposure to the sun, dust and wind when outdoors. Thirdly, if you read books, watch TV or stare at the computer screen for a long time, you may not blink often enough. Leave these stuffs for a few minutes periodically, give your eyes a rest and blink your eyes as much as possible to increase the production of your tears and then make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • clam_i_am


    There are many factors that may cause burning red eyes, such as dry environment, allergy, eye injury and so on. Sometimes dry eyes are caused by swollen eyelids. In terms of this cause, please rinse a clean washcloth in warm water, wringing up, and then place the washcloth on the eye for about five minutes. You may also carefully wash the eyelids with a mild shampoo. Besides, you should add moisture to the air to prevent your eyes from dry environment and give your eyes a rest, increasing the amount of lubrication on your eyes, taking a few minutes away from the computer screen if you are always working before computers. It is better to consult a doctor to determine the cause and ask him if home remedies can take effect.
  • EDGAR Schneider


    The direct way is to let your eyes keep moist or wet. Actually, to gape and yawn is one of those most healthy therapies. But it is not so easy for one to yawn whenever you want. So we can choose to use artificial tears, which you have the ability to buy from various kinds of optician or glasses stores. Moreover, in the daily life, more chrysanthemum tea is better. Especially for those with over-active irascibility and those often have eyes under strains. Therefore, watching the computer, telephone and TV leads people to fell eye burning and drying. Why not have such teas every day to release your eyes' tiredness? Last, fructus lycii is another bright choice for you to take care of your eyes. You can find them in many supermarkets. So it is convenient to get them. And the most important is that the fructur lycii is rich in carotene, which contains vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium and ferrum, etc. All of these elements are necessary to keep eye healthy. Of course, the fructur lycii can be cooked with rice, boiled with the chrysanthemum tea and stewed with the pork liver separately having the same therapy. Besides, certainly, having an enough sleep also indispensable. What else needs one to notice is to relax or wear sunglasses or goggles when you go outside under the fiery red of the sun.
  • Christopher


    The feel of burning is a typical symptom of dry eyes, which is a pressure-type disease. The most important note is to avoid eye fatigue in daily lives, and home remedies play consequently a supporting role. From the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, patients are suffered from exogenous Dry evil, and Dry injures Yin of lung and liver, Qi of spleen is weak, so Qi and Yin are both weak. So the remedies are to nourish Yin and moist lung, or nourish liver and supply kidney. Medlar, mountain daisy, walnut, jujube, yam, barley, cassia seed can all make up the home remedies for dry eyes, make tea o porridge.
  • Greg Dahlen


    For me what has helped is living on milk for eight years. I find when I eat solid food my eyes hurt. But when I live on cow milk, mostly nonfat, my eyes feel okay. So basically I live 90 or 100% on cow milk, mostly nonfat. For six years living on cow milk was sufficient to deal with my eye pain. Then about two years ago I found I was tired and I couldn't shake it. So I added going to daily Catholic Mass. And that has been sufficient, the combination of going to Mass and living on cow milk is enough to keep me reasonably healthy and my eyes feeling okay without drops. I can't exactly recommend living on milk because it hasn't been proven to be a safe diet by medical authorities. But it has worked wonderfully for me, and I don't think my body works too differently than other people's.

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