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Alexander green


How to get red eyes in a picture?

It may sound a strange question but but i really want to know how to cause it to happen. i would like to have red eyes in every picture of mine.
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  • Kristy


    If you want to get red eyes in your picture, you can wear red contact lenses when you take photos. Or you shall take pictures in a dim room, or make sure you are not exposed to much light. If you want to make your already pictures to appear red eyes, you can go where is a photo editing website. And you can change your eye color in pictures there.
  • Alexandria taylor


    You can take your picture in a dim or dark room where your pupils are open wide and then you can use a flash to take the picture, which will cause red eyes in a picture. So you can try doing this in a dark room to see whether you can get the red-eye effect in the picture. You can get the red-eye effect only when your pupils are dilated. So taking picture in a bright room won't work.
  • Vanessa edward


    Every question is reasonable. Considering your need, I suggest that you take your pictures with an old style camera. As to your previous pictures, you might as well use PhotoShop to deal with them. Anyway,dim light can help you to achieve that effect, try to take pics in a dark place.
  • Austin shelley


    In order to get red eyes in picture, you should know that as the aperture of the camera, you can adjust the size of the pupil automatically. The human eye will be enlarged to allow more light to pass through in a dark environment. In this case, if the shooting with the flashlight open, retinal capillaries will be filmed, which reflect on the photos is the redness of the human eye that is so called the red-eye phenomenon.