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What are the causes of red dry skin around eyes?

Several weeks ago I found skin around my eyes is very dry and red. What are the causes for it? Should i see a doctor?
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  • coldnd


    Red and dry skin around eyes is likely caused by dryness and irritation. Dry skin is usually caused by the changes of environment. For example, hot weather or drops in humidity is likely to develop to dry eye skin. Besides, frequently bathing and using hot water can also cause dry skin. And if you get dry skin around your eyes, you may in high risks of irritation which further cause redness.
  • Kelly Dalton


    The dry skin around eyes has something to do with the environmental elements. The skin around eyes is delicate which can easily get dry when it is exposed to sun, wind, cold, chemicals, or cosmetics. Besides, excessive bathing with hot water can also make the skin dry out. Poor diet like lack of vitamin A and the B vitamin will dry out your skin, too. Once the skin around your eyes is dry out, itis easy to get irritation and then cause redness.

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