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Can I get glasses with an expired prescription?

I have my eyes checked 2 years ago. The doctor gave me a prescription. Maybe the prescription is a little out of date. Now I want to buy a new pair of glasses, can I buy it with the expired prescription?
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  • walkingalone123


    Dear friend, I think you can't trust the expired prescription anymore, because the prescription is too old. You need a new prescription which will give you an accurate prescription that your eyes needed right now You know that our eyesight changes with our age which is especially apparent to those who have vision problems. So have your eyesight checked.
  • Kevin lee


    I think you should check your eyesight again. Don't use the expired prescription especially when you feel you cannot see well with your current glasses. Get an eye test before buying the new glasses will make your eyesight more accurate. I suggest you to have your eyes checked in the morning, because usually the eyesight in the morning is more accurate than that in the afternoon.
  • Victor


    Wearing eyeglasses with inaccurate prescription will make your eyes squint and damage your vision. So I strongly suggest you to get your new prescription for your new glasses.
  • Rebecca


    You can not get a pair of eyewear with your expired prescription, because your vision may has been changed. If you wear a pair of eyeglasses with your expired prescription, it will damage or hurt your eyes.
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