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Do colored contacts change your eye color?

I have bought several pairs of contacts. They are blue, grey and green. They are really beautiful. But I am a little worried that whether the colored contacts will change the color of our eyes or there are any possible effects on our eyes?
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  • Cassidy bell


    I think it will not change our eye color. Colored contacts are great. It can correct our vision problems and make us look more beautiful. I have bought several different pairs last year. They haven't changed my normal eye color yet. They are just contacts. You can see your usual eye color after taking them off. Trust me!
  • walkyr


    Colored contacts will not change the color of our eyes. The color of the contacts will not affect our eyes too. While as contacts, they have many effects on our eyes. They can cause dry eye which is a common problem of wearing contacts. You can use eye drops to solve this problem. And you must wash your hands carefully before you wear contacts, because our eyes are easy to be infected by viral or bacterial which lies in our hands.
  • Rebecca


    Color contact lenses allow you to change your eye color and create a look that's subtle, bold or anywhere in between.Colored contact lenses are safe %u2014 as long as your contacts are properly prescribed, used and cared for
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