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Can glasses cause migraines?

My head aches. My doctor told me I got the migraines. I want to know what will cause migraines and how to treat it. I am a current glasses wearer. Is there any special kind of glasses can help me solve this problem?
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  • hand_in__hand


    Eyeglasses will not cause migrains. And eyeglasses cannot help you to solve this problem too. You may get the migraines for other reasons. Usually, females are much more likely to get migraines than males. To those who suffer from migraines, some can clearly identify triggers or factors while some cannot. I only know that migraine is caused by a combination of blood vessel enlargement. But I think you'd better see doctors as soon as possible.
  • classynottrashy


    I know that childhood migraines have some relation with behavioral problems. And Brain lesions and incomplete artery brain structure will cause migraines too. There are many potential migraine triggers which may cause migraines, such as allergies, Bright lights, loud noises, perfumes, Physical or emotional stress, changes in sleep patterns, Smoking or exposure to smoke, Alcohol etc,. Though triggers do not always cause migraines, you should pay attention to them too.
  • Victor Lee


    I searched your problem on the internet. The results suggest that there is no connection between glasses and migraines. However, you can choose a pair of sunglasses to prevent bright lights which may cause migraines.
  • Rebecca


    For people who suffer from migraines, figuring out what may trigger a headache may be an important step to managing and preventing pain. Here are some migraines triggers such as sleeping in, sex, cheese and wine,perfume and weather and Barometric Pressure Changes. So the glasses is nothing to do with migraines. However, triggers can vary from person to person and don%u2019t always lead to a migraine. In addition, some people may not have any migraine triggers at all. Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about what sets off your headaches to help find the right treatment for you.
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