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What to do for a twitching eye ?

I am a high school student. My eyes twitch recently. I don’t know why. I am enjoying my summer holiday at home. I spent most of my time watching TV because it is so hot outside. Does it caused by watching TV? Can you tell me how to cure it?
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  • walkingthesky


    As you are a high school student, you may have heavy study burdens in school. Holiday is a good time for you to reduce your stress and tired body. While you may choose a wrong way to relax or at least you increase the burden of your eyes by watching TV for long hours. I think your twitching eye is caused by watching TV. It caused the eye strain and further lead to eye twitching. So stop watching TV and do some indoor sports.
  • vincent


    If your eyes are always working too hard, this can triggering eyelid twitching. I think your eye twitching is caused by tiredness and eye strain. It can be caused by lacking of sleep which can trigger eyelid spasms. Stop watching TV and catching up on your sleep can help to solve this problem. If your eyelid twitching persists and annoys you, you should have an eye exam at this moment.