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What does it mean if the whites of my eyes are yellow?

Recently, I found that the whites of my mum's eyes are yellow. I asked her whether it hurts. Mum said it doesn't hurt. But I am still worry about that. Is there anybody can tell me why the whites of the eyes are yellow? How to cure them?
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  • Michelle percy


    The yellow in the whites of her eyes may meaning there are some problems with her liver. It might be jaundice. Maybe there is some affection in her liver which includes hepatitis or infection. You should take your mum to see the doctor immediately. The doctor will help you to figure out what caused this symptom.
  • Megan W


    We can find the same symptom in most people's eyes. Your mum may have the yellowish discoloration on the cornea, which is due to a reaction of the conjunctiva to the air. When there's more CO2, dust, irritants, this symptom may happen. It could be vitamin or mineral deficiency too. Hum, there may be some problems with your mum's liver.