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How to clean eye after cataract surgery?

My surgeon told me not to let water into my eyes when i wash face and hair. So, how to clean my eyes after cataract surgery.
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  • garcia


    Well, yes, after the surgery, you should be careful when you wash your eyes. Remember that you should not let the water into your eyes, or it can be harm to your eyes and in some cases, it can lead to eye infection. For example, you can use a warm cloth with some water. And then put the cloth around your eyes. And just rap them. In this way, it can do a good job to your eyes’ cleaning. Also, you can use some eye cleaning water from the doctor. So that it can prevent your eye from infection. Besides, there are also many tips after you have taken the surgery, for after the surgery, your eyes will become sensitive and fragile. If you do not take care, it can make your eyes infected in the recovery period. For example, you should not watch TV or computer in the first week, and also should be careful when you have shower. Also, you should not allow situations in which you are vulnerable to being hit in the face or the eye.
  • kathy


    Yes,it's very troublesome to clean your eyes after cataract surgery.There are some steps for you to follow when you clean your eyes.Firstly,gently clean your eyes with cooled boiled water and remove any debris from your eyes.Secondly,you can clean your eyes and clean in the corner of your eyes with a warm and wet washcloth.Your only restriction is that you should not push hard on your eyes with your knuckle or any other object.Thirdly,instill your drops into the eyes 4-6 times a day.Remember to see your surgeon if it goes wrong.
  • Brooke peters


    Well, so sorry to know that you have just taken a cataract surgery, actually, cataract is one of the most serious eye diseases so far. Now that your doctor has asked you to keep water away from your eyes. I think you surely should follow his instructions. My advice for you is to use a hot towel to wipe away the dirt and dash over your face, which would lower the risk of water contact. Hope you find my advice helpful!

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