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How to prevent scar tissue in eye after surgery?

I just took a lasiky surgery. Are there any tips that to help me prevent scar tissue in eyes?
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  • Armand


    Scar tissue after eye surgery not only have affects on the appearance of the patient, but also influences on the person's vision. Scaring is a common post-operative side effect of surgeries to treat glaucoma, retinal detachment and cataracts. In order to prevent scar tissue after eye surgery, you can consult ophthalmologist about drugs like polyvalent dendrimer glucosamines that could imitate the body's immune system to prevent eye interior scarring. Or you can do a post-op laser surgery to burn away scar tissue literally. Additionally, you can ask your surgeon to place silicon oil in the eye during the surgery to reduce scarring in the days immediately following the operation. These days are the most effective time to prevent scar formation. What is more, you should avoid rubbing your eye area for two months to reduce the risk of causing additional scarring. Last but not the least, you should select the eyelid surgery that covers makeup to hide scarring.
  • castlemedic


    To avoid the scar tissue in eye after surgery. You shall talk it to your surgeon. He may placing silicon oil in the eye during the initial surgery. It can reduce the scars in eyes after surgery. You can use a lotion enriched with vitamin E or aloe vera twice a day to prevent the scar formation. Besides, you must keep in mind that not rubbing the eye are for at least six weeks after the surgery.
  • alva


    Sounds like you have chosen to take a surgery to fix your vision problem. Before you make your decision, you should get well known of the consequences and side effects. Anyway, you gotta be aware that scar tissue maybe temporary and wouldn't last forever, otherwise people would not choose this way. I suggest that you consult the professional doctor and ask for some help. Just take care of your eyes.

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