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Cathy Dailey


How to adjust temples on eyeglasses?

The temples on my prescription glasses are a little askew, one side of the frames sitting higher than the other side. How can I adjust them?
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  • May Yong


    Before you start to adjust the temple, you should place the glasses frame in the hot water to make them pliable. Then place the glasses frame on an even table and see where the glasses frame sits highter than the other side. As one side of the temple sits highter than the other, you should hold the place where it should be adjusted and place pressure on it to blend it down gently. Repeat this untill it is in place.
  • jimjames


    Just try to wear your eyeglasses to see where you want to adjust for making them comfortable to wearing. If your eyeglasses frames are made of titanium, memory metal, you can bent and adjust it as what you want. If your eyeglasses frames are made from plastic materials, you shall use blowdryer to warm the eyeglasses frames up, Then, you can adjust the frames so as to make them look the same and fit for you. If you still have no idea how to start, just have a optician adjust the eyeglasses frames for you.
  • Melissa duncan


    This depends on the material of your glasses. If it is plastic, heat it with boiling water or blower and then adjust it gently. If it is metal, you have to use long flat nose pliers to adjust it. Of cause, it is risky. So you'd better send your glasses to the store to ask the professional for help. I know there is a kind of glasses whose temple length is adjustable. It is quite convenient. A website is available for you to refer to: