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Are metal sunglasses in fashion in 2012?

I am about to buy new sunglasses. i am wondering what sunglasses to choose from. I prefer metal sunglasses because i think they make a man look cool. Are these metal sunglasses in style this season? What styles of metal sunglasses should i go for?
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  • walkingbassline


    As you say, "I like metal sunglasses, because I think they make men look cool". Yes, metal sunglasses are undoubtedly a right choice for you. According to the material of the frames, sunglasses mainly fall into two categories: plastic sunglasses and metal sunglasses. metal sunglasses are even hotter. The metal sunglasses gain a leading position in the current market. The metal, like titanium, aluminum and so on have the attributes of strength and therefore they are able to maintain large sunglasses lenses. In contrast, there is a serious lack of plastic glasses. metal sunglasses benefit from a variety of material strength advantages and prevent the plastic widely being used in the sunglasses industry. Therefore, in 2012 metal sunglasses become a fashion. As you know, the wind of retro is very popular now, and the same to this kind of vintage sunglasses. So, vintage style metal sunglasses may be a good choice for you.
  • cheryl


    Metal sunglasses make wearers look very cool and they are now in style. Speaking of metal sunglasses, metal aviator sunglasses are top choices for men and women. At present, more and more women prefer to wear metal aviator sunglasses to enhance their look. Since metal sunglasses bring charm to men and women, you can select them and they are a fashion statement to spice up your image.
  • walkingalone121


    In fact, most of the metal sunglasses are fashionable with elegant style and design. I believe you will be elegant and beautiful when you wear them in the sun. And they will be shiny in the sun, which makes you more beautiful and charming. They can also become one decoration on your head if you put them on your hair. Anymore, the metal sunglasses with high quality can harbor the anti-ultraviolet function, so they can protect your eyes from the sunlight. They can also keep the shape for a long time with the metal.

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