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EDGAR Schneider


Can you use regular eye drops while using antibiotic eye drops for pink eye?

I recently I found out I have pink eye and the doctor prescribed me some antibiotic eye drops. I wonder if I can still use the regular eye drops.
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  • Tyler


    Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a common eye ailment. It is caused by an infection of the conjunctiva. So, eye doctors prescribed antibiotic eye drops to help release eyes from pink eyes. So, if you have pink eyes, you'd better use antibiotic eye drops. Of course, you can also use regular eye drops to keep moist your eyes. But since different eye drops has different function, i don't regular eye drops has the same function as antibiotic eye drops to pink eyes.
  • Alexia gerard


    Of course, you can use regular eye drops while using antibiotic eye drops for your pink eye as long as they are artificial tears. Artificial eye drops can make you feel better if you use them while using antibiotic eye drops for pink eye. However, you'd better use artificial eye drops 5 minutes before or after your medicated drops, or the medicine in the antibiotic eye drops will be washed away and then your pink eye won't be treated effectively.

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