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Does cucumber help tired eyes?

Can i use cucumber to help me release my tired eyes? Will it work?
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  • colors8282


    Cucumber slice can help people get rid of tired eyes, it can reduce dark circle under eyes, and it also works for eye bags. Slice cucumber, then put it on your eyes and the eye round skin. The moisture can refresh your eyes, then the tiredness disappear. By the way, ice bag or hot bag can also be helpful. Soak a soft cloth in a bottle of cold water or hot water, then apply the cloth on your eyes.
  • Fat


    Generally speaking, you can use the cucumber to help you release your tired eyes. As we all know, there are much cool water in the cucumber, which make the cucumber as the best choice of releasing the tired eyes. In fact, what you need to do is just cut the cucumber into slices, and then leave the slices on your eyes for about 15-30 minutes. After that, you will find that your eyes will be much better. If there is no improvement, you can repeat the action again. Maybe you think this way is easy, but what I want to tell you is that you had better let your eyes close while leaving the cucumber slices on your eyes. If so, the result will be better. Apart from the cucumber, you can also use some other cool thing, like cool milk, on your eyes, and this way also work well.
  • Randy C


    Of course, cucumber really works for tired eyes. Tired eyes can cause a series of eye problems and the symptoms include a burning sensation, heaviness in the eyes, sore eyes, watery eyes or a pressure in the eye. Excessive crying and reading, inadequate sleep and straining to see in a dim light are all causes of tired eyes. Although tired eyes are not terrible, they are basic factor for eye problems. That is, you must pay attention. Some home remedies are really good to tired eyes, however, cucumber is the best one of them. As we all known, cucumber can be treated as the best foods for our body and the fourth most cultivated vegetable in the world. Cucumber contains high vitamins and minerals and aromatherapy oil. All these have a great effect on eye disorders and skin problems. Every night applies some cucumber slices on eyes and face for 10 minutes, your skin must be alive and the problems of your eyes, such as tired eyes will recover soon. That's for sure you can eat raw cucumber after washing them. Plus, rest is so essential.