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Does contact solution work for red eyes?

Can i use my contact solution to help my red eyes? Is it helpful? Or it is harmful to eyes?
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  • Connor scott


    No, I have never heard that contact lenses solution has the benefit for reducing red eyes. Since contact lenses solution is only used to wash your contact lenses and keep them clean, while it does not contain vasoconstrictors which can shrink the blood vessels, so you red eyes can not be reduced if there is no such medicine.
  • Werner


    It depends on the solution, some kinds of solutions can be helpful for people. However, others may not be able to used directly to our eyes. So, you need to define whether your solution can help you or not. The instruction of solution may provide the information you need. Once I use the solution as eye drops because the instruction says it can be used directly to eyes.
  • characterposter


    I must say if you do not want to get further infection of your eyes, leave contact solution alone. Red eye is the result of changes in the blood vessels in your eye that make your eye look red or bloodshot. You may find them in one or two eyes. Sometimes red eyes are also caused by injury. But no matter what causes are, red eyes are easy to be infected and allergic. Contact solutions contains much chemical substance that we cannot complete know. When red eyes occur, the blood vessels also means disorder. They will absorb anything whether they are good or bad. If you drop contact solution into eyes, they may irritate chemical reaction of eyes, and then your condition only become much worse. So leave your contact solution aside and seek a doctor for help. Whatever your eye disease are, please bear in mind that do not use or taken any medical treatment without doctors' instruction or prescriptions.
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