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Do I need to wear glasses when using the computer?

I am a college student and spend alot of time in front of a computer screen when writing papers. I have 20/20 vision but I have been getting headaches after spending a full day typing. Should I invest in a pair of low perscription computer glasses? Will this help? Or will it damage my eyesight?
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  • 04/12/2012

    It will damage your eyesight.Now a new kind of glasses called computer glasses can help you protect your eyes.If you get headache all the time when using computer,you should have your eyes examined and ask the doctor.You can also try eye exercises, like moving your eyes up, down, left and right as far as possible, it will probably help a little.
  • William clive


    It is normal to get eye strain or headaches when you spend a lot of time on computer. If you have 20/20 vision, you don't need to wear prescription glasses. A new type of glasses called computer glasses is designed for computer use. computer glasses can help prevent people from getting CVS. You can ask your doctor to make non-prescription computer glasses for you since you have perfect vision.
  • constans


    Though you have very good eyesight, I think you can also have your eyesight checked by an eye doctor first and then consult for whether there is any need to buy a pair of prescription computer glasses. Then You can buy a pair of computer glasses online for the glasses sold online is much cheaper. Computer glasses will not damage our eyes. They are designed to make us feel more comfortable when using computers and reduce eye strain and fatigue. And the coating on computer glasses can prevent our eyes from the damage of reflections and glare of computer screens.
  • Jordan Brown


    I bought a pair of computer glasses online last summer. I am quite satisfied with it when using it for computer works. I think a pair of low prescription computer glasses will not damage your eyesight. wearing a pair of appropriate glasses can help correct our vision problems. Many people hold that glasses will damage our eyesight. It is false. Glasses won't damage our eyesight. But it is true that wearing a pair of glasses that can't correct your vision problems may lead to eye strain and headache.
  • coppercoconut19


    Glare is a major cause of eye strain when we staring at the computer screens for a long time. Computer glasses can reduce glare of the computer screen and make us feel comfortable to read on the screen for longer periods of time. Computer glasses can also increase contrast, maximize what we see through the lenses, which will make it easier to read articles on the screen. They won't damage your eyesight. So I think you can buy a pair of computer glasses.
  • walkerstalker2


    According to your situation,you can go to see your eye doctor to have a test on your eyes before making any decision.i have the same work makes me have to sitting in front of computer everyday. I own a good pair of computer glasses for many years.they really do a great job.

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