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Why can I wear prescription reading glasses as if they were regular glasses?

I am farsighted. When my glasses break or somehow become unwearable I can just throw a pair of reading glasses on and they work perfectly fine. So why is this?
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  • el_chupa_cabra


    That is because your prescription which is used for distance sight is just like a reading glasses prescription.The farsighted people are wearing a plus lens to view in the distance and the close presbyopic people are wearing a plus lens just for reading.
  • Jacqueline


    It is OK for people with farsighted wearing reading glasses. That because both farsightedness and presbyopia need help to see near, and prescription reading glasses are made to help people to focus near things. Eyeglasses is just a device to help people see clear when you wearing it. If you wearing the right reading glasses that meet your vision requirements, sure, you can get perfect vision through the lenses.
  • Miranda hall


    People who have farsightedness can't see the things in the nearby and in the distance clearly. Reading glasses are designed to help with close vision work. They can help people to see the things in the nearby clearly. Though reading glasses seems to help with your vision problems, actually you need to buy a pair of prescription glasses for vision correction because reading glasses can't help you to see things in the distance clearly. Hope this helped!
  • Logan hall


    People who have presbyopia which is a kind of age related eye disease that often happens among people who is around 35 to 45 years of age may need a pair of reading glasses to help them to focus on objects in a close range. Prescriptions eyeglasses are designed to help correct vision problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism, and so on. So prescription glasses can also help correct your close vision problems if the degrees of your eyes is the same with this pair of prescription glasses.