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How do you convert a progressive lens Rx to a progressive computer lens Rx?

ay my Rx is -1.00 with a +2.00 add What Rx would the computer lens be??
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  • equine_world


    it depends on how far away you sit from your computer. It sounds like you might be trying to order glasses online. That could be a mistake and a waste of $. Progressive lenses need to be measured properly. your optician needs to see the frame you intend to use, ON your face, and take the proper measurements. An accurate monocular pd measurement is also required. there are also important decisions to be made about lens brand and design.
  • Daniel gerard


    If you would like to order progressive lenses for computer use, just simply split the Add number in half and combine half of the Add with the Sph. that is Rx +1.00 I can not make sure, you need to confirm it from your eye doctor.