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What is the lowest magnification for reading glasses?

idk if its magnification or something else... i dont wear glasses but i think i need them and i want to know which are the lowest ones that will not give me headaches if i wear them a lot. ANd where can i get them?
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  • Marissa edward


    the lowest are 100... but if you are like me, both eyes are different... one of my eyes is -.5 and the other is -1..and i have astigmatism in both eyes... your best bet would be to go to an eye dr and have your eyes examined.. if you meet the right qualifications, you can also go to the health dept and get your eyes checked... also, you can have 20/20 vision, but if you have astigmatism, then you will still need glasses.....
  • Joseph bell


    Actually, there is a same question asked and some people give many answers here You can check it out.
  • Lada


    The lowest low power reading glasses available are called"twenty-fives" or 0.25 reading glasses. That means the magnification is only 25 diopters - hardly anything at all. They're hard to get, but you can have them specially made either at a mall eyeglasses shop or from a reputable online glasses company.You can also get readers with magnifications of 0.50, 0.75 and 1.00 if you look around or order them online.